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03 August 2011 @ 02:34 pm
Jane vs. Tortoise (One shot)  
Title: Jane vs. Tortoise
Pairings: Jane/Maura

Title: Jane vs. Tortoise
Author : Sandhyni
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: Light T
Pairings: Jane/Maura
Summary: Jane and Maura have been dating for four month. Maura practically lives at Jane’s place, so does Bass, Maura’s tortoise.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, but if I say I do, will Rizzoli handcuff me for plagiarism?
Author's Notes: This is my first attempt for a ‘fan fiction’. I’m French, so please be kind with my random English. Hope you’ll like it anyway.


Jane opens the door of her apartment. She seems tired and in the mood for a nice cold beer.

“Hey Maura…What are you doing here?” Jane goes to the fridge to grab a beer.

“I finished up early.” She said without looking up.

Jane sits on her couch and tries to relax.

“I meant in my apartment.” Sigh. “You don’t miss your fancy apartment?”

“It’s not fancy. Why, you don’t want me here?” Worried.

“Of course, I want you here.” Jane takes a sip and immediately spits out. “What is that ?!”

“Beer.” She said innocently.

“No. Maura ‘this’ is not my beer. Seriously what is that ?” Lightly annoyed.

“Okay, I bought you some new beer. Japanese beer.” Smile.

“Come on Maura ! What did you do to my old American beer ?!” Jane goes back to her fridge.

“ Did you know that beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Japan, accounting for nearly two thirds of the 9 billion liters of alcohol consumed in 2006-“

“Shut up Maura ! I want my beer back.” Pretty annoyed.

“Okay, we’ll get you some tomorrow after work.” Relaxed.

Jane rolls her eyes. “I want MY beer NOW.”

“Don’t act like a child, Jane.” Condescending.

“You better buy me some god damn American beer tomorrow.”

“I will, Honey.” Smile.

“Don’t honey me before you get my beer.” Irritated.

“You want me to go home ?”

“What ? No. You can stay as longer as you want if you leave my beer alone.”

Jane goes closer to Maura and pecked her.

“It’s ok.” Smile. “Wait.”

“What now ?” Sigh.

“If you’re in my apartment where’s your turtle ?”


“Oh my god. Is it here ? In my apartment ?!”

“He ! His name is Bass.” Sigh.

“Where is it, Maura ?” She said seeking for Maura’s pet.

“Please don’t hurt him.” Worried.

“What ?” Surprised. “I’m not going to hurt…him, Maura.”

Maura looks at Jane still worried.

“Maura, I am not going to hurt your turtle.” Sigh.


“Don’t start me.” Annoyed.



Jane wakes up and finds Maura in the kitchen, making breakfast.

“You’re up early.”

Maura smiles at Jane.

“Oh god, did Joe kick you again in her sleep?” Pitying.

“No. I had to make breakfast.” Smile.

“Oh, strawberries.” Jane takes a strawberry, but Maura stops her by slapping her hand.

Jane looks to Maura surprised.

“It’s for Bass.” Smile.

“You made breakfast for your turtle?” Articulating.

“Tortoise. He has a very strict diet.” Maura squats to feed Bass and give him a little kiss.

“What about me? No good-morning kisses, no breakfast. What kind of girlfriend are you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Come here.”

“Uh, uh! I’m not kissing you after that, it..Him. Whatever.” Jane gets up and heads for the bedroom.

“Where are you going ?”

“Go find a better girlfriend.”

“And you’re going to find her, in the bedroom ?”

“May be.”

Maura gets up and follow Jane in the bedroom.

andreja278: pic#111168359andreja278 on August 5th, 2011 08:56 am (UTC)
“Where are you going ?”

“Go find a better girlfriend.”

“And you’re going to find her, in the bedroom ?”

“May be.”

Maura gets up and follow Jane in the bedroom.

sweet, I love this part, I have a smile from ear to ear
Sandozlove_epic on August 11th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Jane/Maura
Oh thanks a lot for reading !
insanityonline1insanityonline1 on August 5th, 2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
LOL I love Bass being at Jane's.

And I loled at the "And you're going to find her, in the bedroom?" "Maybe."
Sandozlove_epic on August 11th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
Thanks !
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Jane vs. Tortoise (One shot)
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